Book of Remembrance

Donations were made by the following individuals to AGSS

In honor of…

Dr. Trudy Tharpe  by Louise Burton, John Jensen, Marianne M. Schoel, Lucynda Smith, Travis H. Cox, June M. Carlisle, Andalene Dunston
Jerry McLendon by Shirley McClendon
Paul Goins by Teresa Hill
All grieving persons by Jane L. McGahee

In memory of…

Doreen Mason by Larry Mason
Eudora Curtis and Margaret Castagno by Judy Parker
Joyce Bogs and Glenn A Parker, Sr. by George J. Bogs and J.A. Parker
Gail Burton by Denise Oelschlager, Patsy Rhoades, Mary Martha Harvey, Donna Walker, Debbie Harris, Joyce Bonavitch, Renee Renew, Susan Roach, Karol Ohe, Terry Fowler, Stacey Sellers
Rosemary Spain by Joseph H. Spain
Robert Janchus by Elizabeth R. Janchus
Anne Kinney by R. W. Kinney, Jr.
Gilbert Casey by Ann G. Casey
Joe B. Taylor by Christina B. Frederick
Bonnie Eppert by West Jefferson Friendship Group (Kate R. Myers)
Reuben C. Higginbotham by Robbie Lee Higginbotham
Dub Perry by Angela Perry
Jerry Goss by Alice Goss
R. L. Putman by Faye Putman
Keener Roberts by Nell G. Roberts
Robert Rogers by Patricia A. Rogers
Stan Ragan by Tammy Ragan
Joy Studin by Lynn Rathmell
Mike Swain by Elizabeth Swain
Precious Hawes by William Hawes
Wayne & Alan Gibbs, Cota Gober by Martha Gibbs
Cathy H. Friedman by Mark J. Friedman
John P. West by Betty West
John H. McGill by Carol O. Perez
R. A. (Bob) Norred by Helen P. orred
Mary Jane Seabury by John A. Seabury
Arthur Bussie by Maralyn Busse
Louise Jones by Ralph W. Jones
Carlton Pace Montgomery by Linda Montgomery
Jean Goins by Paul T. Goins, Teresa Hille
Connie M. Shivers by Jerry D. Shivers
James Ralph Weed by daughter Lianne Terrill
Robert G. Carlisle by June M. Carlisle
Burl Shadix by Aylia R. Shadix
Joy Studin by Robert Studin
Roland Weinsier by Arlene Weinsier
David E. Johnson by Frances Johnson
Allen Bennett Solomon by Dr. Gloria Solomon
Terry Duncan by Annie Duncan
Bill Duke by Edine B. Duke
Don Haney by Jeanne R. Haney
Faye R. Rouss by Dr. Steve Rouss