“One of the qualities that makes this organization unique is the large number of volunteers who have made long-term commitments to its mission. We have more than 80 volunteers who are graduates of the program. Some serve on our board, some as group volunteers, some provide meals, and some work on special projects such as our Holiday Help Seminar. They understand how important and life-changing this work can be for those who are grieving.”

Vaughn Stough
Alumnus of Alabama Grief

“In December 2007 my life, as I’d known it for 36 years, came to an abrupt end. My beloved husband, Andy, suffered a heart attack and died right before my eyes. I was devastated, wondering where to turn and how to make the pain stop.

     A dear friend brought information about Alabama Grief Support Services. Their program had helped him several years before when his wife had passed away. It was as if I had been thrown a “lifeline”.

     The meetings led by director Trudy Tharpe, and a group of recently widowed volunteers, helped me realize that life does go on and I could be happy again. I will be forever indebted to Alabama Grief Support Services.”

Mary Morris
Member of the Board